Introductory statement

This plan addresses the requirements of Circular 35/91 regarding the provision of a loan/rental scheme for school books. This policy was developed through a review of current practises and through consultation with parents, staff and the Board of Management.


This plan was formulated to establish and maintain a book loan scheme, which is fair and equitable for all.  Through the implementation of this plan we are endeavouring to:

  • That all pupils are facilitated to have text books at minimum expense to their parents.
  • That all pupils are facilitated to have graded reading material that is suitable to their ability.
  • That all pupils are facilitated to have access to digital literacy and numeracy resources and schemes.
  • To ensure sensitivity and discretion in securing the required textbooks for pupils in our school, whose families are experiencing significant financial hardship.

Visions and aims

The visions and aims of this scheme are as follows:

  • significant savings in cost of textbooks
  • availability of books from the beginning of the school year
  • access to a wider range of textbooks and reading material than otherwise would be feasible.
  • Back to school costs are spread more evenly during the year.
  • access to e-learning schemes
  • avoiding travelling and queuing for books in shops

School Book Rental Scheme Organisation

The scheme is voluntary. Book lists will be supplied to parents in the normal way

  1. Funding:

The funding for the Book Scheme comes from the following sources:

  • School Book Grant
  • DEIS Grant
  • School Book Rental money
  • Parents fundraising


  1. The yearly rental charge

Annual rental: A rental charge of €5 per year will apply. The payment will secure the rental of all relevant text books, listed in the book list as and when required throughout the school year. Purchase of workbooks, disposable materials and stationery will remain outside the scope of this scheme and remain the responsibility of the parents. However, in cases of need the school will also supply these resources for pupils.

  1. Purchase of Books

The books will be purchased by the Book Scheme Coordinators.


  1. Books included in the scheme
    • The scheme is confined to books that are suitable for reuse. Good quality second-hand books or new books would be bought. In buying books durability, such as the quality of the binding, would be an important factor.  Books will be bought from pupils and past pupils as well as from local booksellers.  Discounts and/or credit terms could be negotiated with booksellers for bulk purchases.
    • Any workbooks that are written into will still have to be bought but will be kept to a minimum. Pupils in our school, whose families are experiencing significant financial hardship will be supported in the purchase of these workbooks and requisites.
    • Graded readers are used throughout the school in class and in literacy intervention programmes such as Literacy Lift Off.
    • E learning programmes including Literacy, Numeracy and Irish language programmes.


  1. Scheme Administration
    • The Book Scheme Coordinators has overall responsibility for the administration of the scheme.
    • The Book Scheme Coordinators are responsible for the purchase, repair and replacement of books.
    • The scheme will be administered by a post holder and the HSCL Coordinator.
    • Parents will assist in the cataloguing of the books, applying the school’s stamp, and sorting the books into the individual lots for each pupil.
    • The required books will be given to pupils during early September.
    • The rental charge and membership fee if applicable would have been paid by parents in advance.


  1. Book Returns
  • The books would be returned by pupils to the class teacher at the end of the rental period.
  • The Class teachers collect the books when the books are finished with or at the end of the year.
  • There is no deposit, but if a book is lost or damaged, parents will be asked to replace the book or pay for the replacement.
  • Books are stored in the school libarary.
  • The book/DEIS grant for necessitous pupils would be used to pay the rental charges and membership fee (if applicable) for such pupils.
  • The books that are no longer required by the school are recycled or given to charity.


School Book Rental Scheme Implementation

The books supplied under the scheme will remain the property of the school and may be subject to inspection at any time by a member of the teaching staff. Membership of the scheme is at the discretion of the Board of Management and the school principal. Any pupil found to be abusing, defacing or disposing of rented books will be dismissed from the scheme and will be required to supply their own textbooks for the remainder of their time in the school. Books supplied under the scheme may be new or second hand at the discretion of the principal and Board of Management.


Roles and responsibilities

The plan will be supported, developed and implemented by school staff, pupils, parents, the school’s Board of Management.The Book Scheme Coordinators will co-ordinate the progress of the plan, encourage and accept feedback on its implementation and report to staff, parents and the Board of Management on findings.



  • Implementation Date: September 2018


Roles and responsibilities

The plan will be monitored and evaluated annually. It will be reviewed regularly to ensure optimum implementation of the Book Scheme in our school. The teachers responsible for co-ordinating Book Scheme have responsibility for co-ordinating this review. Staff, Parents, the Book Scheme Co-ordinators and the Board of Management will be involved in the review. The followingcriteria will indicate that the scheme has been successful: positive feedback from parents; positive feedback from staff; and efficacy of the scheme.


  • Review Date: June 2019



This policy is made available as part of the whole school plan. The whole plan is also available in the school office for viewing. This policy will be communicated to the school community by the following means:

  • Hard copy available in Principal’s Office.
  • Board of Management/Other staff members via hard copy
  • Parents via School Development Plan in Office